Poll: A new (other) Scenario?

While reading the book The Invincible by Stanisław Lem (one of my favorite authors) I had the idea that Saarta should not take place on an island as planned until now but in a spaceship. This gives me completely new possibilities and technically it’s probably less challenging than solo developer.

Whether this scenario is well received by puzzle adventure fans and I don’t know and that’s why I started a survey on different platforms. I am curious about your opinion and I would be happy if you also share this on your social media platforms.

Picture shameless stolen from Ales Twin


Many first person puzzle adventure games are set on islands (Myst, The Witness, etc.) and Saarta was intended to be that way, yet now I’m thinking of moving this to a SciFI spaceship.

What do you think of this and would you play a adventure puzzle game in a spaceship scenario?


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